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Commercial Landscape Architect
Commercial Landscape Architect

Commercial Landscape Architect
Jacksonville Landscape Architect Jay Devine is a State of Florida board certified landscape architect and landscape site plan designer with over 27 years of experience in Jacksonville. Jacksonville Landscape Architect Jay Devine provides Landscape Designs for commercial and residential landscape building permits for Jacksonville (COJ) site work permits, COJ clearing permit, landscape  tree removal, relocation and mitigation landscape permits for Jacksonville (COJ) in the North Florida region. Certified by the State of Florida Board of Landscape Architecture Jay Devine is an experienced seasoned professional and has worked with every county and city municipality in North Florida, all of which have unique landscape ordinance and tree removal permit processes. State law requires signed and sealed landscape design drawings in order to acquire specific permits. Jay Devine provides complete landscape architectural design and signed and sealed drawings for Jacksonville (COJ) permitting of any commercial or residential project.
Jacksonville Landscape Design Plans and landscape architectural drawings of site amenities include construction landscape design and landscape site plans for commercial or residential building according to the Jacksonville (COJ) building code, landscape ordinance and tree protection ordinance for COJ permitting. 
Jacksonville Site Work Permit landscape designs and site clearing permits require landscape drawings along with tree removal permit landscape designs prepared to local zoning code for the permitting process required under Florida State law and Jacksonville code.
Jacksonville Landscape Architectural Design plans of outdoor site amenities include building design, Hardscape, driveway design, walkway design, parking lot design, entry wall design, sign design, fencing design, gate design, swimming pool design,  fountain design, pool enclosure design, arbor design, gazebo designs, outdoor kitchen design, outdoor bar design, recreation center design, outdoor building design, retention ponds, lakes and hardscape including concrete pavers and stamped concrete. 
Landscape Permitting and tree ordinance permitting include preparing architectural design drawings according to the local landscape ordinance, tree protection ordinance, and zoning codes. Tree mitigation is the requirement of local zoning codes to replace a certain number of trees based on the amount of trees being removed. Tree removal permits and tree removal permit applications are required for certain protected trees based on the local tree ordinance or zoning code.  A tree survey of the protected trees is required to show the location and type of tree according to the tree ordinance and an Arborist report is used to determine tree health and whether or not a tree is considered protected based on tree disease information. 
Jacksonville Site Design Plans of roadways, curb cuts, ADA crosswalks, sidewalks and driveway design plans are prepared according to local traffic codes overseen by the local traffic engineering department or the (FDOT) Florida Department of Transportation. Walkway and Sidewalk plans are prepared according to Jacksonville (COJ) building codes.
Jacksonville Parking Lots are designed by landscape architects who render architectural designs according to the parking design requirements of the planning departments, local and state zoning and building codes.
American Disabilities Act (ADA) parking design requirements, ADA access ramps, ADA detectable warning surfaces and ADA sign design plans are designed according to the Florida Building Code. Parking lots require design plans for site work permits often permitted through the local development management group or development services department all of which require architectural landscape designs. 
Ponds, Water Features, and drainage, retention areas, lakes, and drainage structures, are designed according to the St. Johns River Water Management District regulations and the local drainage department design requirements. These water features and drainage structures require a St. Johns River Water Management District Permits and a site work permits done through landscape architectural design plans.
Sign Design, signage design plans, and signage construction design drawings are also needed for a sign permit. The sign is permitted with the local planning and building department. Often the sign is designed with entry wall design of a development and the signage and entry walls are permitted together.
Outdoor Lighting Permits are obtained through the Building Inspection Division and must be  designed according to the local electrical code requiring landscape architectural design plans.
Irrigation Design Plans are prepared according to the water restrictions imposed by local irrigation codes and the St. Johns River Water Management District regulations. An irrigation permit is usually handled by the building department or water department or the city plumbing permit department. The irrigation water meter and required back-flow preventer is handled with a plumbing permit from the local water department or the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA). The project often needs an approval or JEA availability number and a DEP permit.  All of these permits are obtained through the Building Inspection Division .
Dock Plans and permits are permitted through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and require a DEP dock permit. For waterfront properties abutting a navigable water way the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit is also needed. All of these permits are acquired with the landscape architectural design plans. Jacksonville Landscape Architect - Jay Devine  can provide all of these services, designs, plans and permits and more. Give us a call today and let us help you with your next commercial or residential landscaping project! 
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