With over 27 years of experience, as your architect, Jacksonville Landscape ArchitecJay Devine can get you the needed and required permitting for your project by providing the correct architectural designs for permitting the first time. Jacksonville Landscape Architect- Designer Jay Devine stands ready to solve all of your landscape architectural needs in a timely ,reliable, professional manner.  
Jacksonville Landscape Architect
Jacksonville Landscape Architect Jay Devine is certified by the State of Florida  Architect (RLA) license # LA0001208. As a state of Florida, board certified landscape architect and site planner for over 27 years in North Florida Landscape architect Designer Jay Devine is a 1983 graduate of the University of Florida College of Landscape  Architecture.
Jacksonville Landscape Architect Jay Devine received national honors recognition from the Golden Key National Honors Society while attending the University of Florida. Jacksonville Architect and Designer Jay Devine was also the recipient of the Herrick Smith Scholarship award for outstanding achievement in Landscape Architecture. The award was presented by Herrick Smith who was then the director of the Department of Landscape Architecture.
Jacksonville Landscape Architect Jay Devine graduated the University of Florida in 1983 and has devoted his life to creating the very best in commercial, industrial, retail and residential designs for site plan permits, city and county ordinance permitting, tree mitigation permits, tree removal permits, tree relocation permits, Hardscape permits and irrigation permits. Jacksonville Landscape Architect Jay Devine can provide quality landscape architectural designs for any type of permit needed in Jacksonville, Duval County and other North Florida counties. 
Jacsonville Landscape Architect

Jacksonville Landscape Architect

Jacsovile Landscape Architect
Jacksonville Landscape Architect
Jay Devine
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